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Larry Chang

Larry Chang

Years of study in Religious Science and the Dharma have given Larry Chang a thorough grounding in metaphysics and spirituality. In the course of his work as an intuitive counselor and speaker, he has collected and used many quotations which he shares in Wisdom for the Soul: Five Millennia of Prescriptions for Spiritual Healing. He has been, in turn and simultaneously, an artist, designer, editor, activist, trader, consultant and restauranteur – and now publisher. Exiled from Jamaica, he was granted asylum based on sexual orientation by the US, where he now lives in Washington, DC.

He had been working on a novel based on his life as a gay man in Jamaica but he put that aside to begin compiling Wisdom. Now he faces the almost immediate prospect of preparing the break-out volumes, Wisdom for the Soul of Queer Folk, Wisdom for the Soul of Black Folk, and Wisdom for the Soul of Young Folk for publication by Gnosophia. He has written essays, poetry, and Jamaican language studies.

"Larry Chang brings a special spirituality to whomever he meets. He has the amazing ability to transcend race, ethnicity, gender, religion and sexual orientation in his efforts to heal the planet. His wisdom might well be the path that we need to lead us to both individual and global peace."
- Jerry Wright, Professor, Social Work and Anthropology, Savannah State University
"I have had many opportunities to meet with Larry Chang. Invariably I have come away greatly enriched. He is a man of enormous knowledge and wisdom, an excellent counselor and speaker, a true humanist. I have learned a lot about Jamaican culture, about spirituality, about human nature, from him."
- Wolfgang Binder, Professor/Academic Director, North American & Caribbean Literatures, University of Erlangen

Wisdom for the Soul: Five Millennia of Prescriptions for Spiritual Healing
First edition, hard cover, 7 x 10, 824 pages, ISBN 0-9773391-0-6, $49.95. Publication Fall 2006

Winner - Non-Fiction Anthologies
Best Books 2006 Awards

One could say of me that in this book I have only made up a bunch of other men's flowers, providing of my own only the string to tie them together.
~ Montaigne ~




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Larry is available for television, radio and press interviews as well as for personal appearances to conduct readings, seminars and workshops. Write to for availability.



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Roderick Terry

Roderick Terry

Hailing from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Roderick Terry is an attorney, author and photographer, currently resident in Washington, D.C. He is Contributing Editor for Wisdom for the Soul of Black Folk. His previous publications are Brother's Keeper: Words of Inspiration for African-American Men and One Million Strong: A Photographic Tribute of the Million Man March. He is currently working on an inspirational book, Hope Chest, some of which is excerpted in Wisdom for the Soul of Black Folk.

Wisdom for the Soul of Black Folk
First edition, paperback, 6 x 9, 376 pages, ISBN 978-0-9773391-5-0, $19.95. Publication Fall 2007